In case it area till the desired was verbal after the proposal has been approved, then offer becomes incorrect

Could it possibly be good to-do the brand new ? Because the We read that it is not permissible as one of the standards away from marriage would be the fact it needs to be carried out in that put.

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It is permissible to-do on the web nikah if there’s zero likelihood of tampering, this new label of your husband and you can wali is proven, together with a couple witnesses can also Nachrichten be tune in to brand new proposal and you may greeting.


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  • Is online nikah appropriate within the Islam?
  • Scholarly comment on online nikah

Conditions out-of legitimate

This new offer (ijab) and welcome (qabul) form among the pillars otherwise an essential part of one’s wedding deal, instead of that it is not legitimate. The new proposition is considered of the wali (guardian) otherwise their proxy while the allowed is considered because of the spouse otherwise their proxy.

“If there’s an excellent lapse of time between the proposal and you may acceptance, it’s legitimate provided both are carried out in the fresh new exact same gathering and there’s zero distraction who does amount as a disruption based on local customized, even if the interval among them is very long. The same is applicable if there is an effective distraction one disrupts the proceedings predicated on regional personalized, because that is actually turning out-of they and is because if your proposition is refuted.”

Is online nikah appropriate from inside the Islam?

Considering one, the students differed pertaining to doing the marriage bargain by the using modern form including the cell therefore the Sites . Several of them point out that that’s not permissible, by absence of witnesses, while the presence out-of several witnesses towards the phone from the once will come within the exact same ruling since if it were in the same put. This is basically the view of the Islamic Fiqh Council (Majma‘ al-Fiqh al-Islami).

A few of the scholars was of one’s glance at this should feel disallowed, because the a safety measure to protect the marriage, because it’s you’ll to simulate somebody’s voice meaning that cheat others. Some tips about what are manufactured in fatwas issued because of the Updates Committee having Providing Fatwas.

A few of the students respect it permissible as long as there’s absolutely no threat of tampering. This is what was stated in fatwas issued from the Shaykh Ibn Baz (could possibly get Allah keeps mercy toward your).

Therefore we know that the problem is not the difficulty to be in identical set, as get in touch with anywhere between each party meanwhile via the mobile phone or Web sites arrives according to the exact same governing as if they was in fact in the same put.

It will be possible for this relationship price to-be seen, by reading the fresh new sound of your own audio speaker over the telephone or Internet; in reality having technological improves today you can come across the fresh new wali and you will listen to his sound as he helps make the suggestion, and it is together with you are able to to see the latest spouse.

And this probably the most best examine with regard to this dilemma are it is permissible to accomplish the marriage package over the phone otherwise Internet, when there is zero threat of tampering, the new name of husband and you may wali has been proven, and the a few witnesses is also listen to the new proposal and you may desired.

Some tips about what are manufactured in fatwas approved because of the Shaykh Ibn Baz (could possibly get Allah provides mercy towards your), as previously mentioned a lot more than. It is also what is meant by fatwa of your own Status Panel, and therefore disallowed marriage in such instances since a safety measure and concern with deception.

The one who desires get on brand new safe front can get do the relationships offer by the appointing proxies; so the husband or protector could possibly get designate someone to do the wedding package on the his account facing witnesses.

Scholarly comment on on line nikah

  • Declaration of Islamic Fiqh Council

The guidelines listed above don’t connect with the marriage package, because of the stipulation that witnesses show up therefore.”

  • Fatwa of the Standing Committee for Issuing Fatwas

Question: in the event your pillars or essential parts and you will criteria of marriage bargain try met, except that the fresh new wali while the husband are in different countries, can it be permissible doing the wedding price from the mobile phone or not?

“Given that at this time deception and trickery try extensive, and lots of individuals are skilled at the imitating others, and some can make their voice appear to be a great amount of people, men and women, old and young, plus chat different dialects and you will dialects, so that the listener thinks you to several men and women are talking whenever and is only 1 individual, and since Islamic Shari`‘ah is concerned having protecting man’s chastity and you may honour, and you will takes more precautions than many other religions with regard to contracts and you may deals, the fresh new Panel thinks it is maybe not compatible, for wedding contracts, the fresh new proposition and you may acceptance, and you will appointing proxies, to deal with such as things over the telephone. This is exactly in order to achieve brand new aims away from shari‘ah and you can include man’s chastity and you can honour, to make sure that individuals who pursue whims and wishes and people who seek to cheat and cheat individuals will not be able to doll that have things regarding matrimony. And Allah ‘s the source of power.” (Fatawa al-Lajnah advertisement-Daimah, )

  • Fatwa out of Shaykh Ibn Baz (will get Allah have compassion into your)

I wish to marry so you can an effective girl along with her dad is in another country; right now I cannot happen to be meet him and do the currently inside the a different country. Could it possibly be permissible personally to mention their unique father so that he can tell me, “We give you my daughter So-and-so in marriage,” and i also can tell, “We deal with.” The brand new girl agrees on the wedding there are a couple of Muslim witnesses who will listen to everything i say and you can exactly what he claims, via the speakers towards phone. So is this considered a legitimate relationships offer?

“Your website set which question to Shaykh ‘Abd al-‘Aziz ibn ‘Abdullah ibn Baz (could possibly get Allah features compassion towards your) and then he responded whenever what exactly is explained holds true (as there are zero tampering on it), it fulfills the brand new criteria of shar‘i matrimony therefore the wedding deal holds true.”

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